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Registration and Requirement

Welcome to the Registration and Requirements page of the Edo State Pension Bureau. Here, we provide information on the process for registering for pension benefits and the requirements retirees need to fulfill to access their pension benefits. Whether you are a new retiree or seeking to update your pension information, this page will guide you through the necessary steps and documents needed to complete the registration process.


To be eligible for pension benefits from the Edo State Pension Bureau, individuals must have served as civil servants in Edo State and have reached the age of retirement or met the criteria for early retirement. Additionally, individuals must have completed the necessary years of service as stipulated by the pension regulations to qualify for pension benefits.

Registration Process

The registration process for pension benefits involves several steps, including:


To ensure a smooth registration process and timely processing of pension benefits, retirees are required to provide the following documents:

Verification Process

Once the necessary documents have been submitted, retirees are required to undergo a verification process conducted by the Edo State Pension Bureau. During the verification exercise, pension bureau officials will review the documents submitted, verify the retiree’s identity and service history, and confirm eligibility for pension benefits. Retirees may be required to provide additional information or documentation as needed to complete the verification process.


The registration and verification process for pension benefits may take some time to complete, depending on the volume of applications and the complexity of individual cases. Retirees are advised to submit their pension applications and required documents in a timely manner to avoid delays in processing. The Edo State Pension Bureau is committed to processing pension benefits as efficiently as possible and keeping retirees informed of the status of their applications throughout the process.

Contact Information

For more information about pension benefits and services offered by the Edo State Pension Bureau, retirees can contact our office directly or visit our website contact page. Our dedicated staff are available to assist retirees with any questions or concerns they may have regarding pension benefits, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and more.

Thank you for choosing the Edo State Pension Bureau as your trusted partner in retirement planning and pension administration. We are committed to providing retirees with the support and services they need to enjoy a secure and comfortable retirement.